Self catered halls – the pros and cons

Self Catered halls at the University of Nottingham are an option for your future accommodation. There are two types of halls, catered and self catered. It’s up to you where you live in your first year, you can apply for accommodation through the University when you have firmed your choice (first choice Nottingham, of course!) …

Vlog: postgraduate funding

John is a postgrad student here at The University and has plenty of experience of applying for funding to pay for his studies. Here’s his guide to postgraduate funding.

Vlog: uni jargon buster

University is FULL of jargon. Emma sorts through some of it in this vlog.

Vlog: Danny’s tour of Ningbo

Danny is spending a semester abroad at our Ningbo campus in China. We asked him to show us the city and he made this vlog – enjoy!

Vlog: University expectations vs. reality

What’s university REALLY like? Student vlogger Tom compares his expectations with the reality of student life.

Vlog: School study vs. Uni study

Student vloggers Amy and Laura explain the difference between studying at school and at university.

Vlog: UCAS visit days

Student vlogger Tom explains what UCAS visit days are all about and why offer holders should come along. Find out more about our UCAS visit days. They’re tailored to you, your course, and your accommodation, so you can ask all the relevant questions to both students and academics and find out what it’s really like …