May 10, 2016, by Anne S

Living and studying here – Amy answers your questions

Student vlogger Amy took over the @UoNapplicants Twitter to answer your questions about student life here at The University of Nottingham. Here’s a summary of your questions and her answers.

What’s Nottingham like?

It’s really diverse, plenty of shopping and places to eat/drink with your friends. There are also lots of alternative places with cool shops, bars and cafes – like Hockley. The nightlife is also pretty good, the University has it’s own nights so you can meet people from your own uni. You can read more about nightlife on the Freshers blog.

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Where did you live in your first year and why?

I lived in self-catered accommodation in Broadgate Park, I chose it because it had an ensuite and I wanted to cook for myself. Beeston town is a 10min walk away and has lots of supermarkets and small shops. Living in Broadgate was fab, but it can get lonely when your flatmates go home at weekends so make sure you socialise with the rest of your block. We’ve got lots of blogs and vlogs about living at Uni.


Was it difficult to find somewhere to live for your second year?

Not at all, we looked in October and have ended up with a great 6 person house. Unipol are great for recommending landlords but you should book early so you get dibs on the best houses! The hardest part is choosing who to live with.

How much do societies cost to join?

You can join any society you want to, costs vary from about £3 to £10 but there might be other costs involved with things like skydiving. I joined NUDance and Blowsoc in 1st and 2nd year and they’ve been a great part of my social life. Find out more about societies here.


Pic by Dave Alatorre and UoN Skydiving society

How do I find out about events in Freshers’ week?

The Students’ Union (SU) organises all of the events for our new students arriving in September, you’ll find out the details closer to when you’re due to move in. There are loads of Facebook pages for 2016 Freshers’ events but none of these are managed by the University or the SU, they’re all unofficial and run by local promoters. The Uni and SU will share details of all the official events on Facebook and Twitter. If you want accurate info make sure you follow them.

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