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Anne S

Digital Communications Manager, Nottingham

My job at the University is all about social media and video, which may make you think I spend all day sharing YouTube clips of skateboarding cats on Facebook… That’s not exactly true. I work in the Digital team to make the most of social networks and video content, I help to manage University online profiles and also support staff who want to tweet, Facebook, film and share what they’re doing.

I was an undergrad at the same Cambridge college as Stephen Fry (though not at the same time) and escaped from a career in advertising to watch films for a year and get an Masters in Film Studies from the University of Nottingham. I’ve also worked in PR and media for a health and safety organisation as well as starting out in social media with an energy company.

I love social media, I’m addicted to Twitter and Tumblr and I blog about films and geeky science-fiction related things in my spare time.