February 29, 2016, by Anne S

Applying for accommodation from 1 March

If we’re your firm choice for university for 2016/17 you can apply for accommodation from 1 March. We held a Twitter Q+A last week to answer your questions, here’s a handy summary of everything you wanted to know about living here.

When/how do I apply for university-arranged accommodation?

  • You can apply online here from 9am 1 March until Sunday 21 August 2016.
  • You need to have made us your firm choice for university study.
  • You need your UCAS personal number to access the form.
  • You can select 3-6 choices for your accommodation, in order of preference.
  • We will send you a confirmation email when we’ve received your application.
  • You should hear back from us about your accommodation choices within 4 weeks of applying.
  • Once you get an offer of accommodation from us make sure you accept it by the deadline in your offer letter.

When/how do I apply if you’re my insurance choice?

You will need to apply on results day if we become your firm choice for university study. The deadline for university-arranged accommodation is Sunday 21 August 2016.

What do I get included in my accommodation fees?

Your fees will depend on the room type you chooses and are paid by bank transfer or card in three installments over three terms.

Catered halls (owned and managed by the University):

  • 19 meals every week at scheduled times
  • Heating, electricity and water
  • Insurance (please check if you need extra cover)
  • Wifi in your room and in communal areas
  • Freewire TV from your laptop (you need to buy a TV licence)
  • Junior Common Room (JCR) committee membership
  • Cleaning every 2 weeks
  • 24 hour security and card-only access

Self-catered and part-catered halls (owned and managed by student accommodation providers arrange by the University):

  • Sutton Bonington site is part catered, which includes evening meals Mon-Fri
  • Cooking facilities
  • Heating, electricity and water
  • Insurance (please check if you need extra cover)
  • Wifi in your room
  • Freewire TV from your laptop (you need to buy a TV licence)
  • Junior Common Room (JCR) committee membership
  • Cleaning in communal areas
  • 24 hour security and card-only access

What accommodation is open for postgrads?

Some accommodation sites are mixed undergrads and postgrads but flats will be separate. Postgrad accommodation is available in:

  • Bonington Hall (Sutton Bonington Campus)
  • Broadgate PArk (Beeston)
  • Cloister House (Dunkirk)
  • Melton Hall (Jubilee Campus)
  • Raleigh Park (Lenton)
  • St Peter’s Court (Radford)

Can I pick a Hall I want to live in?

No, you can select a preferred site (like University Park) and room type but not an individual hall.

Can I ask to share a room/hall with people I know are also planning to go to UoN?

You can request to be with one other person when you apply online.

When will I be able to move in?

Students move into their university-arranged accommodation the weekend before term starts – 24/25 September.

What’s the best accommodation to choose if you’re a Health Sciences student (Nursing, Medicine etc)?

It depends on what kind of room you want, but a lot stay in self-catered due to the nature of the course and because you need more flexible eating times than catered halls offer.

I have a medical requirement, should I mention this?

Yes, you can mention your medical requirements when you apply online for your accommodation.

If I choose self-catered can I still have access to catered food?

Yes, you can buy a meal card that covers your lunch on weekdays.

What’s the best type of accommodation for an active social life?

Any! There are plenty of social events arranged in catered and self-catered halls, it really doesn’t matter where you live.

Will I need to move out of my accommodation in the holidays?

If you live in catered accommodation, yes. But you can request to stay longer for a fee of £15 per night (room only).

Should I pick a site based on where my lectures or School will be?

A lot of students pick their accommodation based on how close it is to where their lectures or classes will be, but you don’t need to do this. You can get between Uni Park, Jubilee and Sutton Bonington via the free Hopper Bus and you can walk/cycle to most places.

How are flat/room mates selected?

At random! But your flat/room mates will be in the same year as you.

Can I have guests in my room?

Yes of course, details of how long they can stay etc will be in your individual accommodation contract.

Can I bring my car and park it at any accommodation site?

You can park for a fee at self-catered sites but you aren’t allowed a car at catered sites.

If I don’t like my room or my flatmates, can I change?

You can speak to the site manager about this and they will try and offer you a change.

Can I bring my fish tank (and fish)?

Nope, sorry! pets aren’t allowed in any university-arranged accommodation.

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