June 9, 2014, by Helen Whitehead

Grow your own veg successfully!

One of the ways in which many of us try to live sustainably is by growing our own food.  Personally, I can’t seem to grow anything worth eating, but Sarah Speight, course leader for the Sustainability, Society and You MOOC which runs again on FutureLearn from next Monday 16 June, has much more success!

During this spring’s cold snap Sarah reported: “I have tables full of veg plants in my box room, my bathroom, my study and my other spare room. There is a sea of tomatoes, cucumbers, french beans, peas, broad beans, a couple of globe artichokes, okra (new experiment for this year). I’m a bit obsessive – I think I enjoy the growing more than the eating. I’m hoping to move a lot out into the greenhouse next weekend – we have some cold mornings coming up so I’m keeping them in the warm a bit longer.  My husband and son are now used to sharing their space with vegetables! I always start growing too soon.”

Sarah has provided some wonderful pictures of her vegetables which you can see here: tomatoes in recycled tin bath (above), broad beans in recycled containers and onions in a recycled dog basket (below).

broad beans in recycled containers onions in recycled dog basket

Many of our participants last time shared images via Flickr, and we’ll be encouraging that this time too. Our Flickr group for Sustainability, Society and You is at https://www.flickr.com/groups/flsustain and we hope that our new learners will also be contributing as they move through the course.

I must admit I’m a bit jealous of her green fingers! If you have any tips on successful vegetable growing, please do share them using the comments to this post or while you take part in the ‘Sustainability, Society and You’ MOOC starting next Monday June 16th. Click here to sign up


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