June 6, 2014, by Helen Whitehead

Keep calm and pre-cycle!

As part of the closing stages of the ‘Sustainability, Society and You’  MOOC we ask participants to, if they wish, produce a poster on a subject relating to sustainability. These are then peer reviewed by other learners. As many are posted publicly, we have seen some wonderful examples, from simple informative posters or exhortations to referenced academic style papers.  For participants  who feel comfortable with creating a digital poster or are interested in picking up new skills if they haven’t tried it before, it’s a fascinating exercise.

Here’s just one lovely example, from sophie_graves3186 posted on Feb 27, 2014 at http://www.scribd.com/doc/209628243/KEEP-CALM-and-precycle  CC BY-NCkeep calm and pre-cycleWhy not join us on ‘Sustainability, Society and You’ starting June 16th and show us what you can do?

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