June 17, 2014, by Helen Whitehead

Sustainability, Society & You – still time to join the free online course

Sarah Speight writes: We are now underway with the 2nd free public version of Sustainability, Society & You, having finished the 1st run in March 2014.

The world hasn’t changed much in three months. The population has continued to grow, more species have become extinct, more rainforest has disappeared and climate-change related disasters have edged more communities into poverty. Our politicians are still struggling to agree the best ways forward to ensure sustainable and secure energy, food security and clean water for all.

But we are seeing increasing pressure from us all for positive change. More of us are reviewing our own needs and wants and we are accepting that, as individuals and members of families and communities, we can make decisions that are more or less sustainable.

Sustainability, Society & You taps into this groundswell of public concern and commitment to action. Yes, it provides scientific information about big global issues – water, energy, food and waste – but it also explores the everyday and the domestic. How is our own water footprint generated? How worried are we about the proximity of fracking for shale gas to our homes? Do we know what happens to the waste in our bins? What makes us care – for if we understand this, then we can influence others to care too?

The course is running for 6 weeks from June 16th on FutureLearn. Because it looks at sustainability from so many angles, there should be something of interest in it for everyone. At its heart, the course is about encouraging and sharing. Please join us. You will find yourself part of a learning community seeking knowledge, inspiration and mutual support as we try to secure a positive future for us all on our planet.

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