Teaching and Learning at UNNC

November 20, 2013, by Teaching at Nottingham

Teaching and Learning at UNNC

Prof Julie Sanders: “It has been a busy start of the year here at UNNC. Our student induction weeks took place at the start of September and included family ‘Q and A sessions’ in each of our three Faculties and lots of student-led events. We now have a growing group of international students from over 50 countries and as we increase in size and scale, we are also welcoming many new staff to our community.

“Over the next few months we will be focussing on some key areas of Teaching and Learning strategy. Many of us are thinking about ways in which the University’s new e-learning strategy can help us with plans around curriculum development and innovative and interactive teaching and assessment methods.

“New and existing staff are already coming up with great ideas and we will be creating special project teams to work up some of these initiatives. We will need to think carefully about how ‘flipped classroom’ theories and blended learning approaches function in our particular context but we are also keen to work with our amazing student body to connect up their astonishing co-curricular activities with the learning outcomes and skills acquisition of their main programmes in an effort to take our focus on employability in the curriculum at UNNC to the next level.

“As the new Vice Provost, I have taken great pleasure in attending student debating events, meeting new Learning Community Forum representatives, and learning about the work of our cultural ambassadors and volunteers in the wider community. The Teaching and Learning team as a whole is looking forward to seeing how we can help them join the dots to students’ degree studies in ways that will help them identify work-related learning opportunities and become ever more
Prof Julie Sanders

“Our students are actively signing up for the new open online course (NOOC) as we begin to explore MOOCs in a Chinese context with our regional and provincial partners so we know that there is a great appetite for change. These are transitional times in China in terms of higher education and the Ningbo campus marks its tenth anniversary in 2014 so there are exciting times ahead.”

Professor Julie Sanders
Vice-Provost Teaching and Learning

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