University perspective and priorities

November 20, 2013, by Teaching at Nottingham

University perspective and priorities

Professor Stephen Doughty: “As we embark upon the 2013/14 academic year at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, we are also in the process of laying out the UNMC Roadmap for 2013-2020. Hence there is a constant shift between focus on the near-term and the significantly longer-term. In both foci, improving and enhancing the Teaching and Learning provision at UNMC is at the very core of our thinking. In the shorter term, there are initiatives under way to support staff as they engage in teaching. These include peer observation support, Moodle enhancement support and a programme of Teaching and Learning Showcase events throughout the year to share good practice between Schools and Departments.

“The vacation period in August 2013 has seen a massive investment in infrastructure at UNMC, in particular in the development of social learning spaces and ‘learning hubs’ dotted around campus. The largest of these has taken over the old canteen area in a fantastic new refurbishment with that space being reborn as ‘Learning@TheCore’. Additional social learning spaces have been developed in the social hubs of the brand new accommodation blocks, labelled ‘Learning@Nexus’ and ‘Learning@Radius’, with additional social learning spaces provided in the newly glassed-in areas adjacent to the UNMC lecture theatres, called ‘Learning@Vetro’.

“In the longer-term vision for UNMC, alongside the University-wide plans for transformations in teaching, UNMC will be focussing on a project to ensure that students remain at the very heart of our focus in all of our University activities. As such, we shall be ensuring that we maintain a learner-focussed approach to our T&L activities and developments. In addition, ensuring that technology-enabled learning provision is of the highest quality will be key to the successful achievement of UNMCs longer-term objectives.”
Prof Stephen Doughty
With new learning spaces and a renewed culture that focuses on student learning, UNMC’s students will be obtaining the highest quality learning experience.

Professor Stephen Doughty
Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
Malaysia Campus

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