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November 21, 2013, by Teaching at Nottingham

Teaching and learning governance

The move to Faculty Teaching Committees within the University has prompted several changes in our governance arrangements for teaching and learning:

  • Chairs of Faculty Teaching Committees (i.e. Directors of Teaching & Learning in each Faculty) will be ex officio members of the University’s Teaching & Learning Board (TLB).
  • The membership of TLB has consequently been reviewed so that its overall size does not interfere with its operation.
  • The Teaching & Learning Coordinating Group has expanded its membership to cover all aspects of the Teaching and Learning agenda and been retitled the Teaching & Learning Leadership Group (TLLG).
  • Some current members of TLB will now operate instead as members of TLLG, thus reducing the size of TLB.
  • The Faculty Teaching Committees will become the primary means of consulting on changes to University policies and practices regarding teaching and learning and of disseminating information about developments. The committees are therefore replacing the previously existing Teaching & Learning Network.
  • There will still, though, be opportunities for the wider community (including members of the Teaching & Learning Network) to engage directly with TLB via participatory events that will be organised throughout the academic year.

In regard to the international campuses, it is anticipated that the Campus Teaching Committees will function alongside the Faculty Teaching Committees in undertaking consultation and dissemination activities. This is not to suggest that the Faculty committees should be anything other than cross-campus in their outlook, it is simply to help ensure that aspects of any issue that are specific to a particular campus are not overlooked. The participatory events with TLB mentioned above will be organised on all campuses so as to provide an opportunity for all interested staff and for student representatives (termed the ‘Teaching & Learning Community’ in the accompanying diagram on page 23 of this publication) to be directly engaged.

Another development is the disbanding of Transnational Education Committee as a sub-committee of TLB due to the creation of International Strategy Board as a committee of Senate. As a result of this change, Quality & Standards Committee (another sub-committee of TLB) will be taking on responsibility for considering draft memoranda of agreement for teaching partnerships.


Details of membership and terms of reference can be found from the Teaching website at www.nottingham.ac.uk/teaching Please address any queries or suggestions regarding these arrangements, or any enquires as to how to be involved, to Chris Bexton at christine.bexton@nottingham.ac.uk or phone 0115 951 5785.

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