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“We should probably go on a cycling holiday.”

I’ve just spent a great day cycling 36 miles in the sunshine. The ride consisted of: Factor 50 sun cream Sunglasses Cycling up No Man’s Lane (much easier on the way down) Two ice cream stops (Calypso and a Magnum) Two pub stops Cycling to Drum Hill (where I went on year seven school camp) …

Stupid transit van drivers and lost keys

Yesterday a friend showed me a new route which finishes right outside South Entrance on University Boulevard. It was via Attenborough Nature Reserve and Beeston Marina, much more scenic than the road route and a couple of miles extra (which is good as it was Cake Thursday at work). It made a nice change to …

Chain reaction

Sunday was the big one (for me). Six of us met at 2pm and cycled to The John Thompson Inn and Brewery at Ingleby, Derbyshire. I’d like to mention that several hours before this, Chris and a few others (in preparation for the Paris ride/stag do) cycled 35miles – hardcore. This was a really enjoyable …

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Debut cycle to work complete! I cycled with my good friend, colleague and running partner Kelly Newman, Corporate Marketing Manager here at Nottingham. We were kindly escorted by her husband Chris who’s a keen cyclist and winner of the Nottingham leg of Life Cycle in 2011. People seem much nicer on bike than by foot …

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Tyred out

After a quick trip to the shop to buy a helmet I pushed off on my first bike ride in 15 years. Very exciting as you can see! I wasn’t alone, my slightly more experienced other half – Chris, and two mutual friends (Jack and Leanne) joined me. Or to be more accurate, I joined …

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The wheels are in motion

Hi, I’m Gemma, first time blogger and a web designer here at The University of Nottingham. Aside from working at the University I also own and manage a branding and design company in Nottingham, Gem Design. So, it’s probably clear that I spend much of my time sitting on my bottom staring at a computer …

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