May 6, 2013, by Gemma

“We should probably go on a cycling holiday.”

I’ve just spent a great day cycling 36 miles in the sunshine. The ride consisted of:

  • Factor 50 sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Cycling up No Man’s Lane (much easier on the way down)
  • Two ice cream stops (Calypso and a Magnum)
  • Two pub stops
  • Cycling to Drum Hill (where I went on year seven school camp)
  • The Breaston May Gala

Aside from really enjoying the ride, there were two main highlights:

  1. homemade chips at the Three Horseshoes pub, Morley, Derbyshire
  2. the dog who wanted to play

We stopped for a drink at The Spotted Cow where a Collie pestered us to play fetch with the smallest stick he could find. Which, being a recent dog lover, I was more than happy to do so.

The collie that wouldn't give up.

The collie that wouldn’t give up.

However, the fun (for me) soon wore off and I just wanted to relax with my drink. The dog wouldn’t take no for an answer though, he sat behind us, and tapped us on the back, like a human would. Very cute. I caved. I continued to play fetch.

We continued and reached the village of Horsley (specifically the church), where my good friends, Amy and Ritchie tie the knot in July. Being chief bridesmaid I thought it would be rude not to send them a photo of us outside the church.

Myself and Chris outside Horsley Church.

Myself and Chris outside Horsley Church.

I would happily spend a whole day cycling just so I can enjoy eating crap food without the guilt. I think it’s safe to say that I ate more than I burned on this ride. The Magnum at the end of the ride certainly made sure of that.

Another moment of madness (like when I decided to take part in Life Cycle 3) lead me to say, “we should probably go on a cycling holiday.” To which everyone responded with a yes. So it looks like we’re doing that then.

I’ll soon be looking at buying a bike so if anyone knows where I can get a good hybrid please feel free to make suggestions. Thanks.

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