April 28, 2013, by Gemma

Chain reaction

Sunday was the big one (for me). Six of us met at 2pm and cycled to The John Thompson Inn and Brewery at Ingleby, Derbyshire. I’d like to mention that several hours before this, Chris and a few others (in preparation for the Paris ride/stag do) cycled 35miles – hardcore.

The boys!

The boys!

This was a really enjoyable ride, lots of country roads, nice scenery and fresh air. I have driven part of this route before and it’s never really allowed me to appreciate the surroundings. Cycling is a much better way to take it all in.

The moment my chain jammed

12 miles in, and just as I was thinking that I could definitely see myself cycling from Nevill Holt to Nottingham as part of Life Cycle 3, my chain jammed. Luckily we were near a lay-by so we all gathered around to fix it, and laugh a little. I pretended I didn’t know why it had jammed but I knew exactly why; I’d peaked too soon. I decided I would thrash it as I turned on to a nice stretch of road (slightly down hill) and increased my gears way too quickly and there I had it. Teach me to get a head of myself and push my bike beyond its limits, won’t it?

Banana and chocolate bread

Our bikes parked up at The John Thompson Inn and Brewery.

Our bikes parked up at The John Thompson Inn and Brewery.

Shortly after Chris and Jack sorted the chain out (great service by the way) we continued to The John Thompson Inn.

We parked our bikes settled down with drinks and some banana and chocolate bread that I’d baked in the morning as a treat at our half way point, much to everyone’s delight. They bloody loved it!

There was a very important decision we had to make in the 30 minutes we were munching on bread. Where on the way back do we stop for tea? We umm’d and ahh’d and decided that somewhere within three miles of home would be best.

The way back

Off we went, it seemed much quicker on the way back.

With Life Cycle 3 on my mind, I turned to Dani, who’s actually cycled to Paris before (and sold her bike on her return) and asked, “Dani, do you fancy doing a 55 mile ride in September?” to which she replied, “Absolutely not, I’d rather die”

The girls!

The girls!

Finally, we arrived at The Harrington Arms, Sawley. Feeling rather dry-skinned and drowsy I tucked into steak and ale pie and chips, to cancel out all of the calories I’d just burned.

We got home within five minutes of it chucking it down with rain.

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