December 11, 2023, by sustainablenottingham

New projects to drive sustainability education for staff and students

Tillie and Alex are the newest members of the university Sustainability Team. They are both working on projects to embed environmental education and training for staff and students. This will provide opportunities for our university community to explore and understand sustainability issues, develop skills, and inspire a change in mindset across the university, contributing to the university’s civic mission and ambitions towards carbon neutrality, and a wider adoption of sustainable behaviours.

Matilda Crane


Hi, I’m Matilda , the project officer for sustainable education. I joined the team in September 2023 to work on a project with colleagues in the School of Geography and Nottingham Business School exploring education for sustainable development (ESD) across the university. I have a background in geography, environmental programme management and teaching, all of which feed into what I do now!  

Our project will focus on raising the socio-ecological mindset and agency of UoN staff and students through a series of workshops and engagement opportunities. It will also develop a toolkit to support staff to embed ESD across all subjects. We hope to see a flourishing community of shared learning and practice grow, a space where ideas, experiences and knowledge can be exchanged.  

I have a passion for young people and believe that through the work that UoN is doing in the sustainable space, we will provide every student that joins us with the confidence, skills and motivation to go forward and create a sustainable future they want to see! 



Alex Cummins 

Hello! I am Alex and I have very recently joined the Sustainability Team, though I have worked at the university for about 3.5 years in the School of Humanities.  

I’m working on a project to create resources to help support all our staff to be more environmentally mindful and to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives. Our diverse workforce represents a wide range of people, identities and cultures. Our aim is to make our training useful, accessible and enjoyable for all of us.  

I am genuinely motivated to help build a sustainable workforce and ultimately reduce our collective emissions and impact on the environment.  

Currently staff have give their views on sustainability via this survey. Please do get involved.

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