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November 24, 2023, by sustainablenottingham

Take part in the Sustainability Challenge

I’m excited to share my journey from participating in the 2023 Sustainability Challenge to my current role as a graduate environmental assistant within the sustainability team at the University of Nottingham. This transformative experience not only shaped my perspective on sustainability but also opened doors to exciting opportunities.

The Sustainability Challenge spread over three weeks in a workshop series, was a chance to dive into the world of sustainability solutions tailored for our campus. The Sustainability Challenge gives you a chance to build essential employability skills and be in with a chance to win some amazing prizes. The prize for the 2024 challenge is an internship with the sustainability team at our university.

Through the engaging workshops, I honed my ability to develop comprehensive sustainability strategies, specifically designed for the unique environmental conditions of our large-scale institution. The experience wasn’t confined to theory; it provided a platform to showcase my ideas to industry professionals, including representatives from the Frasers Group. This exposure refined my presentation skills and deepened my understanding of applying sustainability concepts in real-world contexts.

One of the highlights was a detailed sustainability assessment, examining behaviours and consumption patterns at both personal and institutional levels. This analysis allowed me to identify areas for improvement and devise effective solutions based on the insights gained from discussions.

Fast forward to today, and I find myself as the Graduate Environmental Assistant within the University’s Sustainability Team. The challenge contributed to my success in applying to this role, as I could use my experience in the interview stage and I was already familiar with the sustainability team. In just four months, this role has given me valuable insights into the university’s operations and the integration of sustainability within its framework. Leveraging my knowledge, I actively contribute to the team’s objectives, collaborating with like-minded individuals who share a genuine passion for sustainability.

This position has been great in providing me with opportunities to lead independent projects, enhance crucial employability skills, and practically apply my understanding of sustainability. Working within a supportive and dedicated team has made this journey not just educational but also incredibly rewarding.

As I continue this path, I am more dedicated than ever to promoting sustainable practices in both my academic and professional pursuits. The journey from the Sustainability Challenge to actively contributing to the university’s sustainability efforts has been a fulfilling one, and I’m excited to see where this commitment to sustainability takes me next.

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By Tina Darlami, BA Geography Alumni and Graduate Environmental Assistant at the University of Nottingham.

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