April 13, 2014, by Guest blog

Erasmus. Friends. Smile. Sleepless nights. Connections.

For me Erasmus is a synonym of friends and connections. I am so glad I had the chance to go on Erasmus. I spent the first semester of my year abroad in Audencia, Nantes. It was fantastic. I met people from all around the world; from countries that I have only seen on a map. Although, I am in a different city at the moment we are still in touch and we are planning a road trip around France in June. I am so excited. Erasmus really helped me meet people and find new friends. All of us come from different parts of the world and we have different backgrounds. I think that is what helped us connect. The curiosity to find out more about other countries was one of the main reasons why we started to hang out together.

At the beginning, it was easier to meet other Erasmus students as we were all looking to make new friends. But with time and thanks to group projects we managed to socialize with our French classmates. This communication helped me become more confident with my French language and to get familiar with French lifestyle and culture. It helped me to better integrate in the society.

I have to admit that I was sad when I had to leave Nantes and go to a different city. I thought I would lose my connection with my new friends but I was wrong. We are in constant touch. We have even created a group chat on WhatsApp. It has more than 100 people participating. It is amazing.

Right now, I am doing my internship. It is in a small enterprise but we are all friends and we are really close to each other. It helps us perform better and be more efficient as a team. I speak French all day long and they do not want to let me go in June. So far, my experience was one of the best in a lifetime.

There will always be place in my heart for all the people I met in France; as well as in my house if they decide to visit Bulgaria at some point. I am looking forward to meet them someday. We never said Goodbye to each other as you never know when or where you could meet somebody. Thank you, Erasmus!

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