November 27, 2016, by Leon Man

Where to find study abroad information and how to apply

By Leon Man, Study Abroad Senior Peer Adviser

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Where can I find more information on studying abroad?

Have you decided where you want to study abroad yet? If you had the chance to come along to the Study Abroad Fair, hopefully it has given you a flavour for all you different options!

But if you couldn’t make it, don’t worry. Here is a list of handy online links to find more information on studying abroad.

1. School Factsheets

See if you’re eligible to study abroad with the School/Department factsheet.

2. On-Campus Presentations

Once you know what your options are, come along to our presentations on Wednesdays to learn more about your options. These presentations are designed to give you more information on the application process and your options. There are also Q&A opportunities with staff and Peer Advisers at the end of the presentation.

3. Drop In Sessions

Do you have specific questions about a particular region, university, financial issues or the application process? Come along to our drop in sessions from 1:30-3:30pm at the International Office (Jubilee Campus) every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until the end of term. A study abroad Peer Adviser will be at each session, come at any time and ask any questions that you may have, or just have a chat about their experience abroad!

A piece of advice is to go to the drop in session that is more relevant to you, in terms the degree or country/university that relates to you.

Here are the details:
Drop In Session Dates (2016)

4. Finance Information

Find out more about the tuition fee reduction, student loans, automatic and means-tested bursaries and destination-specific scholarships and bursaries on our Finance Information page.

5. FAQ on University-wide Programme

How competitive is the university-wide programme? How many places are there for each partner university? What makes a great personal statement for my online application? Check out the FAQ PDF document to find your answers!

6. Email Peer Advisers

Still have specific questions that the FAQ doesn’t answer? No worries! Find out who our Peer Advisers are and drop them an email. They will do their best to answer any questions you may have on studying abroad.

7. Our Partner Universities’ Websites

Beyond the resources that we’ve provided, you can always go onto the websites of the universities that you’re interested in to find more information about the modules, location, style of teaching, and accommodation. A link is provided on each of our Partner University Factsheets.


Are you reading to apply to the exchange programmes?

If you’ve got enough information and feel confident enough to apply, then here are the next steps:

Preview of the University-wide exchange programme application

Take a look at all the questions that we will ask you to complete for the university-wide exchange programme. Remember you have to complete the online application in one sitting and you can’t save it and go back to it later!

Apply for the University-wide exchange online

The online application for university-wide exchange is now online. Applications are considered after the deadline closes, so remember to submit your application by 5pm, Friday 13th January 2017. We will not accept or review any applications submitted after the deadline!

Want to apply for the Erasmus exchange programme?

If you want to study at an Erasmus institution (Europe) and are eligible for it, then please get in touch with your School/Department’s Academic Advisor for more information. The Erasmus programme are managed within individual Schools. Details of your Academic Advisor can be found on your School Factsheets.

Want to apply for the Inter-campus exchange programme?

If you are eligible and want to study abroad in either the UoN Ningbo or Malaysia campuses, then download the application form on our website, familiarise yourself with the application procedures, then submit your application form to your home School/Department. The application deadline is Friday 10th February 2017.

Note: If you are eligible for more than one programme, then you can apply to any/all of them at the same time.


Good luck!

So here are all the places where you can find more information on studying abroad and how you can start applying today. Good luck with your application and do feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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