April 1, 2014, by Guest blog

Linguistic, cultural immersion

Madrid is a very busy place, every one’s going somewhere. Everyone has direction, aims, a certain focus. It reminds me of London in many ways. That being said, a warmer, sunnier London. I now feel like a madrileño, much more than I felt like a lisboeta in Lisbon.

I am connecting with people all the time, I live with a great bunch who I get on with all of them, but each in different ways. One is a Peruvian gent doing a masters in law here. I also live with two actresses, which means I can regularly talk to them about film and theatre. One recently did an advert with top players from the seleccion Española, the national football team. The security guard downstairs in the supermarket is Moroccan, from Tetuan- which is very close to my mother’s hometown, Tangier.

At the office I work with three Spaniards, an Irishman, a Scot and a lady from the Dominican Republic. Which I love. Although only directly working with the marketing manager – I feed off the energy and exchanges between the other departments of my company, Esencia. I’m learning a lot, which is great because time is zipping by. I know I need to maintain focus and not be deterred, as July will swing by very quickly, and I need to make the most of this experience. I am in a Spanish speaking bubble… definitely what most people would consider linguistic, cultural immersion.

I start my Spanish classes next week, and hoping to visit VLC to see some pals from Sheffield University.

Semana Santa in a few weeks, which will either be spent on a cruise around Spain, Italy and France, back in England, Barcelona or just staying put here in Madrid.

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