October 19, 2013, by Guest blog

I could get used to live here in Stuttgart

Post written by Lucy Kirkup

Arriving in Stuttgart for the first time is a moment I will never forget. As my train pulled in to this beautiful city I was suddenly very aware that Stuttgart lies in a valley. Surrounded by vineyards and hills, Stuttgart is a distinctive city in Germany. One thing is certain here; there are steps everywhere. The locals call these sets of steps “Stäffele” and they help explain why the people here are so fit. I live at the top of one of these epic hills which also means I enjoy a magnificent view over the city.

I don’t know whether Stuttgart is a particularly friendly city, but the stereotype that the Germans aren’t necessarily the most open people definitely doesn’t apply here. I live in a student house, with 10 others, and they are all unbelievably warm and welcoming, as well as complimentary about my German, which is always much appreciated. The accent here is also noteworthy, although not totally incomprehensible and truth be told with a lot of people I barely notice an accent at all. If anything, the accent makes you listen more closely, and makes Hochdeutsch seem a lot easier to understand. I had been warned that Germans like to practice their English on Brits, but thus far I have been spoken to mostly in German, which is definitely a good sign methinks.

The first week at work was a whirlwind. Meeting the department and learning so much about IT was at times rather overwhelming, but also incredibly exciting. Going from the not-so-stressful student life to having a full-time job came as a bit of a shock to the system, but I was told by many that you get used to it, and that I did. That said, I feel I have been particularly lucky in my department as there is a great dynamic and a perfect balance between work and fun. The people I’ve met here in Stuttgart are exceptional and I know with certainty that I will always look back on my time here with fond memories.

What I already love about this city is how easy it is to get around. Whether walking or travelling by U-Bahn, the speed with which you can travel from one side of the city to the other gives Stuttgart a lovely small town feel whilst simultaneously offering everything you could want from a metropolis.  What is also noticeable here is the ‘Lebensfreude’ (joie de vivre) the locals possess. The numerous festivals and events being held in this city, and all over Germany for that matter, is rather remarkable. The food and drink is also amazing and I’m not just talking about the stereotypical bread and beer, but also the local specialities such as ‘Maultaschen’ which really melt in your mouth.  I could get very used to this way of life. J

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