October 16, 2013, by Guest blog

‘Scuse my french

Post written by Georgie Suttie

My first impression of France is that nothing is straightforward. No internet until you have a bank card, no bank card until you have money, no money until you get paid. And forms galore.

Having spent the summer in Spain, this experience will be somewhat different. In comparison to Valencia, where I worked for over  3 months, the weather isn’t quite as nice, the language is proving more difficult as I seem to have nothing but Spanish in my head, the bars aren’t nearly as crazy, and Ibiza is much further away. But on the upside the wine is definitely cheaper. And I saw a man in a stripy top wearing a beret and riding a bicycle so I’m pretty much set for life. Cliché Frenchman, tick.


I’m working as a language assistant in Metz, a city in Northern France and part of the only French region which borders three other countries at the same time, which is excellent for me as I want to travel around as much as possible. The city is beautiful, and much

bigger than I had expected. There are other English assistants around and the people here seem very friendly and open. Although there are hundreds of crêpe places around, unfortunately most of our time has been spent in McDonald’s stealing the Wi-Fi. And I have to say, their McDonald’s puts ours to shame. A

I’ve pretty much exhausted all the sights to see in Metz already. The Pompidou Centre modern art museum was very cool, the cathedral is amazing and the famous rum bar separate McCafé for muffins at any time of the day, a whole menu of mini hamburgers on the off chance you only came in for a snack, and they actually serve beer. In McDonald’s.



serving over 50 weird and wonderful flavours of rum was a personal highlight. I’ve also travelled to the neighbouring city of Nancy a few times where I attended the biggest

jazz festival in Europe (supposedly) and discovered that pre-drinks in France consist of bread and cheese with your alcohol.

Despite the schoolchildren continually telling me I’m pronouncing the name of their town wrong, I am adjusting to life in Metz just fine. Hours are short so I have lots of

time to socialise, grab a café au lait and join various things. And I’m getting paid, so no complaints there. Off travelling around Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg next week. Ein Bier, bitte.

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