October 14, 2013, by Hector Stanley

Guns, noses and tanks

Today we ventured to Kuala Lumpur.

The day started off by with a fantastic lunch up the Menara, a 420 meter tower with a observation deck restaurant at the top. The view of KL was incredible, and only from the top of the tower do you fully appreciate how huge the city is. From there we went on to a craft fair, which was full of stalls set up by traditional craftsmen hand-making incredibly artistic carvings, paintings and ornaments. We ended up chatting to a wood-carver named ‘Zoro’, whose main themes were noses and owls, and he was surprisingly passionate about both – we were given a twenty minute lecture on how a person’s character could easily be sussed out, simply by identifying their type of nose. It was an interesting theory.

Finally the bus dropped us at the Megamall, a shopping centre so massive it encompasses an office block and two hotels. Needless to say we got lost pretty quickly, but managed to escape after a few hours of aimless wandering.

Then, attempting to be a little adventurous, we headed to KL Sentral to see more of the city, and happened upon a military display set up in the square. We spent the next hour sitting in tanks, playing with rifles and chatting to the locals, and we even saw a slow loris and an owl, which bizarrely were part of the display. After we had explored the whole display, our tiredness finally caught up with us and we headed back to UNMC.

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