September 21, 2022, by aqykd2

You should make your accommodation feel homely

Irrespective of how glorious our freedom might seem after the big move to university, home is the place where we feel most comfortable. This is probably why we find ourselves grabbing photo frames and other silly items of attachment that make us feel homely, with warmth even while we’re far away. As an international student, my last suitcase of cards, gifts, and souvenirs was particularly important to me as I knew I wouldn’t be able to see my loved ones for all of next year! But it wasn’t until I was halfway through the year that I realised this wasn’t enough. 

My accommodation wasn’t as spacious as I had imagined it to be. But I was mostly unbothered because I’d keep myself occupied enough to only return to my room to sleep at night. So I never really brought myself to decorate it. Come Christmas break and a Covid positive test at the same time, I was stuck within the four walls of my room for close to two weeks! The plain dull walls and lack of colour around my room only made me feel more ill and homesick. It had occurred to me by this time just how important it is just to feel comfortable and at peace in your own space. I wanted to look forward to returning to my room at the end of the day. I wanted to like my own space. So, I decided to channel all my creative sides and decorate my room to make it more cosy and welcoming. 

I used my free time during the Christmas break to “redesign” my room. It kept me occupied and helped me fall in love with the place I lived in. Making your halls’ room homely can make a world of difference. 

This is what my room looked like… 

Dimly lit bedroom with a cloud shaped light and bedroom sticker that reads "be kind"

I was able to buy a lot of things when the university arranged for a little trip to Ikea in the first week. You could also find varieties of everything at Wilko, Tesco, and B&M stores. I believe it is more important to feel comfortable in the space you design than making it look “pretty”. But it’s not always the look of your room that will make you feel at home. 

Here are some more things that I think make a space homely: 

  1. Natural light 
  2. Memories made in the room 
  3. Artwork
  4. Clean environment
  5. A memorable scent/fragrance 
  6. Lots of cushions

I hope everyone can find a way to make their living spaces feel more welcoming and homely for others and, most importantly, for themselves. It could change your mood in ways you wouldn’t imagine!

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