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September 21, 2022, by aqykd2

Food Shopping at Nottingham

For a university student, food is always an interesting topic of conversation to have. From what I hear, catered student accommodations take good care of the students’ nutrition needs by providing cooked meals and also allowing students to buy food on campus with their weekly top-ups. They seemed tempting to me because they would help save me a lot of time to be more productive. But self-catered accommodations let you choose your meals and give you more freedom with respect to adapting to your schedule. I was able to make loads of memories while cooking with my flatmates and having dinner together. If, like me, you chose to stay in self-catered accommodation, brace yourself for hundreds of food stories. If you happen to be clueless about food shopping in Nottingham just like I was, here are a few places to start:


Lidl is probably going to be your most frequently visited store for grocery shopping. They have loads of weekly coupons, largely fresh fruits and veggies, dairy, meat, and many other products you might need for regular use. Its largest selling point for me is that it is cheap and affordable. I personally love their freshly baked cookies from the bakery. 


Sainsbury’s not only covers your daily fruits, vegetables, and meat needs but also has other things that you might need to start off with, such as cutlery and home decor. I was shocked to see the variety that they have for each product. They mostly keep a range of products with different qualities. It leans a little bit towards the expensive side. 


If you are unable to find something at Lidl or Sainsbury’s, you will definitely find it in Tesco in Beeston. It’s HUGE! They have everything from toys to electronic gadgets, clothes, and food. It would be beneficial for you to sign up on their website and get a Clubcard. It would guarantee you price cuts on a lot of products! 


Co-Op stores are generally smaller with groceries that you might need when you’re in a rush. There is one located right outside the Uni park campus. 

Most people rightly prefer going food shopping in Beeston because all these stores are available at a walkable distance. If you’re open to trying or already love Asian cuisine, you could also visit the Beeston Halal Food Store and Fresh Asian Supermarket. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of Indian groceries and sweets the Halal Food Store had. They also have organic produce Farmer’s markets set up in the Beeston Square every Monday and Wednesday, where you can find loads of berries for cheap. 

These are some of the markets that I have explored as an International student so far. I would love to hear from my readers if they have discovered new places for food shopping too. Have fun shopping!

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