September 21, 2022, by Lucy Cooper

Unique societies at UoN

group of students around a desk workingUoN is home to loads of different and unique societies, to allow you to enrich your student experience and try something new. They are also a great way of making new friends and meeting people with similar interests. The SU’s website has an enormous list of them all! Here I’ve compiled a list of societies which may offer a completely new experience.

Societies will fill your social calendar with exciting day trips, nights out and activities – which will provide a welcome distraction from your classes and assignments. The societies fair (the Welcome Fair) will take place at David Ross on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th September between 10 and 4. You’ll be able to meet societies and pick up some freebies along the way! The SU also has an app listing all the student groups and SU-affiliated societies available for you to join.

Taylor Swift Society

New for this new (22-23) academic year! This newly-formed society offers to its members a wide variety of Taylor Swift themed events and socials where you’ll be able to meet students with the same music taste as you!

Bellringing Society

The group practices regularly on Tuesdays and Sundays – and welcomes new and experienced members. The society is one of the oldest at the University of Nottingham and offers a unique hobby to interested students.


Enjoy Nerf battles? The Nerf Society offers to students the opportunity to play a variety of team Nerf games and a trip to Mooch afterwards. They often collaborate with other societies for trips and outings.

Vegetarian and Vegan Society

The Vegetarian and Vegan society allows students to meet other Veggie/Vegan students, head out for meals and learn about Vegetarianism and Veganism.


UoN has over 300 student groups and societies so you’re bound to find a way to carry on with an old hobby or discover a completely new one! There are also a wide variety of sports teams and volunteering opportunities that you can take part in to enrich your uni experience. They are an excellent way to meet students from all corners of the university, whom you may not have met despite having a common interest! With societies you’ll be able to build a network of friends and course-related societies are a great way to help you along with your studies too. If you wish to discover societies and buy memberships online, the SU has just released a new app which makes it easy to find the hobby for you.


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