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September 8, 2022, by aqykd2

Using group chats to connect with your peers before you move

Editors note: Please note that these group chats are not managed or monitored by the university. They have been created by students for students. Please be cautious about who you share your information with

It’s really easy to feel clueless and out of the loop as a prospective student at university. More so, if you live far away from the city. I remember being really tense about meeting new people before I moved. It might seem overwhelming at first, but know that everyone’s in the same place as you.

Everyone is looking to make new friends! That’s why I strongly recommend actively participating in the course or accommodation-based group chats that you’ll find at the bottom of this blog. It’s always nice to share a conversation or two with your potential flatmates. It would help you get comfortable with each other before you even meet. Don’t wait until your move-in date to introduce yourself to your flatmates! You could even organise a video chat and play games online for some ice-breaking. 

It was especially chaotic for me because I only received my room allocations two days before I travelled to Nottingham from my country!  I recommend emailing your accommodation and making them aware of your move-in dates, you could even call them up to make sure they have everything set for you. I would advise against emailing them more than twice. They are probably trying to accommodate hundreds of requests around this time of the year.

You can also look for Facebook student groups to find people from the same accommodation. Here’s an informal help and advice page I recently found. Additionally, here are a few unofficial links to accommodation and course group chats to help you find your flatmates and coursemates.

Hall Chats:

Course Chats:

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