December 29, 2020, by Agnes

Reflecting on 2020 – Things I’m Thankful For

After my last post, which was quite sad, I decided I better balance it with something positive. SO today I’m here to share some good memories from the past year – things I’m thankful for.

1. A very long summer vacation

 Let’s be honest, we were all excited about the break from general life when this all started and we didn’t know we’d still be here 9 months later (and counting…). Baking bread, learning TikTok dances, binging Netflix shows- bliss.

2. VegSoc Committee

One of my proud moments is getting on the VegSoc committee! We had so much fun planning events and coming up with creative solutions within the restrictions. Not only that, but it really encouraged me to be more confident and social so I got to meet more people than I normally would as a member of the society!

3. Staycation in Eastbourne

Near the end of summer when the restrictions were really loose, my partner and I decided to take a train down to Eastbourne for a weekend away. We spent a day doing the Seven Sisters hike and saw some beautiful views and even took another trip to Hastings so I could experience my partner’s childhood vacations. Ahh, take me back to the British seaside.

4. Ending first year with a good grade

Exams were difficult to study for and taken in questionable circumstances. Generally, not the best time for academic excellence. And yet, though half of my modules were cancelled and marked “COVID Incomplete” (and I had approximately zero intentions of retaking the exams) I opened Blue Castle on results day and had a reason to celebrate.

5. Moving in with my partner

My partner and I celebrated our second anniversary in our first shared flat. It was extremely exciting and a big milestone in our relationship, but even more so after spending 5 long months in lockdown at his parents’ house.

6. The first time in the library in months

Call me sad, but I absolutely love a good library session. Arguably, libraries were what I missed the most during the first lockdown. There’s just nothing that compares with finding a good seat at George Green and really getting in the zone- no loud siblings, no parents chasing up on chores, no shouting neighbours… plus an actual, dedicated workspace? So dreamy.

7. Care packages from my mum

I’ve completed two separate self-isolations, a week apart, sometime in late September/early October. My mum was lovely enough to send multiple care packages filled with cleaning supplies, medicine and sweets. It was like Christmas whenever I received one.

8. Seeing uni friends after a long time

Pretty self-explanatory – I missed my uni friends so much over the first lockdown! I was so happy when we all finally moved back to Notts and could catch up in person – safely, of course.

9. Lots of bike rides

My bike stayed in Nottingham when I moved back home because I simply had no way of getting it down to London. I managed to retrieve her from Broadgate, (yes, it’s a she), fixed her up at a bike shop and we’ve had many lovely bike rides since – mainly between my flat and campus, but still.

10. Reconnecting with old friends

This one is something that I thought I’d never be able to say. I fell out with my high school friends right after sixth form and I wasn’t planning on going back. Well… the state of the world really made me shift my perspective on a lot of things and I reached out to some of my old friends, and they welcomed me with open arms.

11. A lot of takeaways

Since restaurants were a strict NO for most of the year, my partner and I’s date nights consisted mostly of trying new restaurants through their takeaway menus. I must admit, takeaway date nights have their charms – mainly pyjamas and the comfort of the couch.

12. Finding a great flat for next year

A big point of stress towards the end of the year was that I wasn’t sure where to live next academic year! I knew I didn’t want to stay in my current flat, because of reasons I won’t expand on as this is an optimistic blog post, but I loved the location of it… so I’m moving across the corridor to a flat a few doors down.

13. Spending Christmas with my family

I’m extremely grateful that I can add this to my list of good memories. Christmas wasn’t the same this year and many people spent it alone – and if you’re one of them, I’m so so sorry. So, though our Christmas table was much more empty this year, I’m grateful that I had the chance to spend it with some of my family.

And probably many more things that I can’t think of right now. It hasn’t been an easy year and I can’t wait for it to be over, but the hardships and traumas of 2020 made all the good memories that much better by comparison. I’m grateful for all I have and I wish you all the same.

Happy New Year!

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