September 30, 2020, by Agnes

All the things Uni-d to know about your Uni Card

Soon after your registration, you will receive your University Card, also known as your Student ID. It will have your name on it, your student ID number, the start date of your course and your library card number – plenty of information! Not only that, but it will be crucial to your time as a student at the University. Here are all the things that you’ll need your University Card for…


One of the main functions of the card is to identify you as a student of the University of Nottingham and the Students’ Union. It proves that you’re a university student and shows where. This is very helpful when going out to student-only events (such as certain club nights).

Hopper buses

Your University Card also will act as a travel card! Hopper buses travel between various university campuses and accommodations – and they’re completely free to use! You just tap your University Card when you’re getting on and you’re good to go.


If you’re in catered accommodation, you will likely be paying for your lunch with DailyBites. This is a weekly £25 credit which you can use in almost any cafe, restaurant or shop on campus. The money rolls over during the week but resets every Sunday so make sure you make the most of it! It’s very simple – when you’re paying for your food, just tap your University Card instead of your usual payment method. 

Library Card

When checking out books, whether online or in-person – you’ll need a library card. Thankfully, that role is also fulfilled by your University Card. Here’s all you need to know about borrowing, renewing and returning books to the library.


You can find these in any library, in all accommodation halls and in some buildings around campus. Don’t be afraid to ask someone where the nearest one is! When you locate a printer, you’ll find clear instructions around it on how to use it. There’s a small charge for printing (per page) but thankfully, each year, you’re equipped with a £10 printer credit on your – you guessed it – University Card.

Access to buildings on campus

But how will you use a printer in the library or check out a book if you can’t get inside? Don’t worry, your University Card will allow you to get into the libraries! You just tap it on the gate when you get through the door and you’re through. A lot of buildings on campus lock after a certain time – but you might have social events or talks to attend – fortunately, your University Card can unlock that door for you! Well… most of the time; there are certain buildings which might only unlock for certain students, e.g. the LASS (Law and Social Sciences) building may only open with a Law students’ card. Most of the time though, someone can just let you in from the inside – especially if you’re attending an event.

Sports Centre Card

If you get a Sports Centre membership, you will also be using your University Card to gain access to the facilities


Student Discounts

Last, but not least, your Student ID will be crucial for you to save some pennies! A lot of shops and restaurants have student discounts – just ask! They’ll usually just ask to see your Student ID and apply it for you. On top of that, you’ll probably save the most money on… tram tickets. The student day ticket is almost £1 cheaper than the adult day ticket – which adds up quickly! You just need to make sure you take your University Card with you and show it to the ticket inspector along with your student ticket!


As you can see the University Card is small but mighty. So, a very important note to self: always carry it with you! 

If you lose it or damage it, you will be able to request a new one which will cost you £15.

And now you know all there is to know!

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