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October 7, 2020, by Charli

Being An LGBT+ Student At University

Going to university as a member of the LGBT+ community is incredibly exciting. It’s usually the first time we get to introduce ourselves to a whole new set of people as our own most authentic selves.

But as well as that excitement, it can also be very nerve-wracking. Being away from home with all of the associated worries about making friends and fitting in can be very anxiety-inducing. Especially when you combine them with the pressure of not knowing how people may respond to you coming out.

But the good news is that you’re not the only one.

The LGBT+ network is designed to bring together LGBT+ students from across the university. It hosts all sorts of events, activities and trips from coffee meetings to club nights. Their frequent socials and active committee members ensure you’ll have a space to meet other LGBT+ individuals. Usually several times a week! Everyone there is in the exact same scary and exciting boat.

Even outside of the network, you’ll find like-minded individuals everywhere you go, in your lectures, in your accommodation, and in your societies. I know I did!

The recent installation of the rainbow crossings on three of the UK campuses is also a huge sign of the university’s acceptance and prioritisation of their LGBT+ students. They make me feel just that little bit more seen every time I walk by. The university will not tolerate hate, and what better way to show it than the bright rainbow paint right in the middle of campus!

On a more practical note, the inclusion of gender-neutral toilets in many university buildings is a step in the right direction for the comfort and safety of many.

My university experience as a member of the LGBT+ community has been wonderful. I’ve been lucky enough to have always felt safe and accepted. I have so many fond memories of network events, cinema trips, and nights out with pride flags painted on my face.

Every student’s experience at university is a different one, and we all have our own stories and memories to share. If you’re feeling at all nervous, rest assured that you will find your people. You will be accepted. And in those moments you’re feeling uncertain or alone, we’re here for you.

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