March 10, 2020, by Agnes

Best Green Spots around University Park Campus

Spring has finally arrived in Nottingham.

The weather is sunny (at times) and (relatively) warm… it’s a shame to stay inside. So, although I’m currently buried under a mountain of assignments, I try to take advantage of the lovely weather whenever possible. If you’re like me, and your work is keeping you away from a stroll around Wollaton Park, here are a few places around University Park Campus that are perfect for soaking up the sun.

 1. Millennium Garden

Perfect for a stroll between lectures. With its interesting landscaping, fountains and modern sculptures, the Millennium Garden is University Park Campus’ piece of Jubilee Campus. You’ll find it tucked away behind the Law and Social Sciences Building away from the buzz of campus life.

2. Highfields Park

Relaxing walk around the lake, perhaps? Enjoy your study break with squirrel spotting and duck watching. There’s nothing sweeter than small animals in the wild… this definitely counts as self-care!

3. Portland Hill

Right in the heart of University Park Campus, Portland Hill (facing the lake) is the perfect place for a quick bite in the sun. If you find the right spot on the edge of the Old Botanic Garden, you can see over Nottingham all the way to the train station. Just be careful as this is also the geese’s favourite corner!

4. Walled Garden

For a quiet breather, try the Walled Garden. Although it’s right between Trent Building and Law and Social Sciences Building (near the chessboard), it feels like stepping into a different world. Full of greenery and flower blossoms when Spring is in full swing, it’s worth peeking inside even if you’re just passing through.

5. The Downs

The pride and joy of the University of Nottingham. If you’re lucky enough to pass through them every morning on your way to lectures, I’m jealous of you. As soon as the sun comes out, the Downs are perfect for a picnic! Maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of a game of quidditch.

Here’s to hoping the weather will stay lovely and the sun will only get brighter and warmer! Have a lovely week!

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