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March 9, 2020, by Charli

Self Care For The Busy Student!

It’s no secret that university life can get extremely hectic at times. As soon as the last few weeks of the semester hit, my free time fills up with rehearsals, studies, and deadlines. It can be really difficult to keep a clear head when the time you would normally spend resting and recuperating, disappears.

At times like these, it’s really important to maximise the time you do have. Inspired by my current busy schedule and day-to-day stresses, I thought I’d share some of the little things I take time out to do, for the sake of my mental health and general happiness.

1 – tidy your room!

Waking up in a cluttered room every day immediately puts me in a stressed-out mindset! Take 20 minutes to clear those crumpled clothes from the floor, take those mugs and cereal bowls back into the kitchen, empty your bin, and wipe those coffee stains from your desk. It’s amazing how making a little bit of effort into clearing your living space can help your mind feel so much clearer too.

2 – get some headspace!

If you’ve never come across mindfulness before, it’s an informal method of meditation that encourages awareess of both your external surroundings and your internal thoughts and feelings. ‘Headspace’ is one of the most well-known mindfulness initiatives, but there are many out there! Exercises can be as short as 5 minutes long, and can bring a real sense of calm to even the busiest mind, so it’s definitely something to try if you find a spare few moments.

3 – look back on some of your favourite memories!

Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed, I like to look back at some of the photos and videos from my favourite moments of university life so far. Nights out, performances, society meetups, and everyday highlights alike can make for the perfect pick-me up. It can be a really good (and quick) way to remind yourself that you won’t feel this stressed forever, and feel thankful for the friends you have around you.

4 – go somewhere you don’t normally go!

It’s really important not to stay cooped up in your room forever! When our schedules fill up, we find ourselves going from the same old place to the same old place. It can be really refreshing to change it up and go somewhere unusual for a change. And you can do this with something as simple as taking a different route back home to normal. Study in a different library, eat food in a different canteen, sit in a different row in the lecture theatre. A forced break in the routine might just be the exact thing you need!

5 – cook yourself a special meal!

We all have to eat! So why not turn this essential chore into something a little bit more special? It might take a tiny bit more time than normal, but it might just be worth it. When you’re busy, we don’t often take the time to do something nice for ourselves simply because we can. It may sound silly, but it might surprise you how much better you feel for it!

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