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March 18, 2020, by Jayda

Staying Motivated at University

Academic success at university often depends on staying motivated during periods of frustration and struggle. As deadlines approach and the workload piles on, staying motivated at university can be tough. It’s tempting to procrastinate and spend time focusing on other more fun activities. If you feel yourself beginning to lack motivation, distracted by current uncertainty, then read on for a few tips to stay focused and keep on track.

Set Goals

Attempting to start essays and big pieces of coursework can be a little daunting. So, rather than focusing on upcoming deadlines at the expense of everything else, instead set frequent, smaller goals throughout the week. That way you can tackle your workload in a more manageable way, and reward yourself for meeting your weekly goals.


Avoid Distractions

As we all know it’s very easy to get distracted. If you’re like me then you often sit at your desk with the intention of working only to be distracted by you-tube videos and social media. Therefore, to stay motivated, it’s best to create yourself a work environment that’s devoid of any distractions. Try switching off your phone for a few hours, or if that’s too much to bear, turn of notifications until you’ve finished.


Set a Routine

It’s important to make time for study but also time for yourself. Setting a routine allows you to schedule time for your wellbeing and socialising with friends in addition to studying. That way you can reach your academic goals without burning out.


Get Support

The best way to stay motivated a university is to recognise when you need help. Confiding in friends and family can help you relax when you’re feeling  stressed and overwhelmed. If you’re struggling or just need some reassurance, then talking to not only family and friends, but seeking the support offered by University can open the door to good advice, and give you that motivation to succeed.

For more information on support provided by University check the Mental Health and Well being page -link posted below

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