February 29, 2020, by Shweta

Favourite brunches around Nottingham

Here are some of my favourite brunches in Nottingham. But, be warned, these aren’t your movie classics with the free-flowing drinks and well-plated eggs. Nottingham has plenty of those! No, these are your hard-core ‘brunch with the pals’, ‘unbuttoning my jeans’ kind of meal that will have you waddling home.

SPOONS! I’m not entirely sure if you are already aware of the brunch deals at Spoons. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be but weirdly enough, it isn’t as popular as I’d initially thought. Spoons, particularly the one located in Old Market Square, is my favourite brunch spot. A massive plate, loaded with your English breakfast classics, for a super affordable price. And, free refills on your coffee! Go get those deals!

Pudding Pantry is more of the kind of place you were probably expecting when you clicked on this post. Various choices, decently priced, amazingly plated – and let’s be fair, plating matters with brunch – and outdoor seating for when the sun’s out. Their eggs are fabulous! As are their pancakes; every day is pancake day when you’re at Pudding Pantry.

Warsaw Diner is my go-to American brunch spot. This very unassuming, but popular, joint is located on the top of Derby Road. If you’re looking for an affordable, basic (but delicious) American breakfast, try Warsaw Diner. Don’t get your hopes up on a weekend though, it tends to be packed with ravenous, hungover students.

Copper Café is probably amongst the fancier spots on this list. Hard to miss, with its impressive branding, Copper is a well-known breakfast spot for all you, ‘avo-toast loving’ folks out there. A little on the pricier end, it’s a wonderful place to go for a little Saturday treat.

These are only a few of the amazing brunch spots that Nottingham has to offer. And if you explored town by foot on a Sunday, you would find a hundred more. Let me know your favourite brunch spots in the comments below!


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