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March 1, 2020, by Jayda

Sustainability Week: How to be a more Sustainable Student

Tomorrow marks the beginning of University of Nottingham’s Sustainability week. From University Mental Health Day to Advocate Magazine launch, this upcoming week promises to cover all aspects of Sustainability. News about climate change and evidence of our detrimental impact on the environment can often leave you wondering, what could I possibly do to be more sustainable? So, in this post I’ll share a few tips on how to be a more sustainable student, and highlight some of the exciting events on throughout Sustainability Week.

Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is a great place to start when trying to be more sustainable. As Sustainable Fashion becomes more popular, more brands are using recycled and environmentally friendly materials in their clothing. However, while this is great for the environment, it’s not so great for our student budgets as a lot of the more sustainable fashion items are expensive. But shopping sustainably doesn’t have to break the bank.

Shop vintage

Instead of buying new clothes from Misguided or PLT, try shopping at vintage stores. Shopping vintage allows you to buy on trend clothes without the negative environmental impact that’s comes with shopping at fast fashion companies. There’s a great selection of vintage clothing stores in Nottingham, some which even come to campus, so you won’t be limited by choice.

Donate old clothes

An easy way to be more sustainable is to recycle your old clothes. Instead of throwing unwanted clothes away, donate them to charity shops or local clothing banks. That way, you stop your old clothes from ending up in landfill, and use your clothes to support local charities. Search the Student Life blog for further tips on how to be a more sustainable student.

UoN Sustainable Fashion Show

This Monday 2 March, the student union has organised a sustainable fashion show which celebrates ethical fashion practices. As well as showcasing how fashion can have a positive impact on the environment, they’re also offering a clothes swap and donation. The clothes swap allows you to exchange your unused clothes for clothing you’ll wear. It’s great, environmentally friendly way to fill your wardrobe.

To discover more about the exciting events on during sustainability week click on the link below!


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