February 27, 2020, by Valentina

How My Planner Changed My Life

If you’ve read a few of my posts, you probably realise I talk quite a lot about how busy I am. It’s actually not an exaggeration – this year has tried to kill me various times. My schedule has been crazy hectic and considering the fact that I’m a major procrastinator, it hasn’t been easy to handle. Surprisingly, I’ve actually managed to keep on top of most things. You’re probably wondering how. Well, my saviour has been my planner. It’s nothing fancy, just a £6 notebook from WHSmith but somehow, someway… it’s managed to keep me organised thus far.

So how have I changed my life using this planner, you ask?


  • Well for starters, I write down every single thing that I need to do – and most of the time the feeling that there’s something to hold me accountable (even if it’s just some writing on a page) helps me get things done.


  • I make sure to keep it cute. I am an extremely aesthetic person…things have to look nice for me to not give up on them in frustration. So, I play this strange trait of mine to my advantage – I colour code, I write every date and day in a different font style and colour, I cross things off with pastel highlighters and keep my handwriting cute as can be. To some, this might seem extra. To me, it helps me actually want to use it. It’s all about finding your method, I guess.


  • I use it to keep from forgetting important dates and deadlines and things that need doing – which is something that tends to happen to me a lot. I’m very forgetful. If I have a meeting in three weeks’ time, simply keeping a mental note is a recipe for disaster.


  • There’s a crazy sense of satisfaction that I get from crossing something off a to-do list that just keeps me going. Weird, I know. But also, extremely effective.


To conclude, my life without my planner would be a certified mess.

If you’re like me, and you tend to forget about things and put things off – if you’re generally a little disorganised and tend to procrastinate – I recommend you try to use a planner.

It might just change your life.

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