October 13, 2018, by Lucy

Three Weeks into Third Year

Somehow, I have managed to complete full two weeks of uni *pats myself on the back*. If we were being technical, I actually done three, because you know, Welcome Week and all that *gives myself an even bigger pat on the back*. So, as a university veteran who is now in their third and final year at university, I thought it’d be fitting to summarise how final year is thus far.

The Workload is Coming Thick and Fast

People say third year is the hardest of them all, something which I thought was a bit cliché, a urban legend spread amongst first years to instil fear. Boy was I wrong… they were right. We may only be two teaching weeks into the term, but I already have two presentations and a dissertation to prep for, in addition to the countless more essays and exams I will be assured to be given by the end of the term. Having said that, third year ultimately means more specialisation and choice meaning that my modules are both intellectually fulfilling and fun (???) so swings and roundabouts I suppose.

Three Time’s a Charm

This may be my final year in Notts, so I am determined to make the most of my time here. Along with my other housemates, I have composed a final year bucket list of places and things to do before we depart. From eating bottomless pizza at Suede to visiting the city caves, we aren’t going to let our increasing work load get in the way of making memories. Work hard, play hard(er).

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Naively, I thought that by the end of my degree I’d have a solid understanding of what exactly I wanted to do with my life post-uni. However, as with a lot of things, I was so very wrong indeed. Yes, I would like to do something involving writing: copywriter, journalist, social media manager, PA, who knows? The list goes on. Although my lack of a concrete vision means that I am somewhat a lost soul, it does give me a high degree if choice and flexibility. I could do a placement or internship to test the waters. I could do a gap year to find myself. I could do a masters to further my knowledge. I could to a grad scheme to get vocational experience. As daunting as my lack of plan is at times, I am blessed with the notion that I can do pretty much anything. Besides, graduation is just the beginning, it’s not the end.

And, finally…

… I Still Don’t Know my Way Around Campus

But to be honest, does anyone actually know their way around the staircase system in the Coates building???

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