October 15, 2018, by Shweta

Maintaining long distance friendships at university

Growing up, my friends and I dreamed of travelling across the world for university whilst maintain a ‘sisterhood of the traveling pants’-esque friendship. Having spent 2 years in Nottingham with friends in New York, Singapore, Sydney and the likes, I can truly attest that one of the hardest parts of leaving home is leaving your childhood friends. And it remains just as hard saying goodbye at the end of every wonderful summer holiday. Here are my tips for maintaining long-distance friendships.

Firstly, remember to schedule time every now and then to video chat with your friends. And try not to cancel because time zone differences can be unforgiving and it’s hard to find a time when everyone’s free. Skype your friends even if there isn’t much going on in your life. Whatsapp video call them to tell them about the cute guy on the bus. Facebook call them to get advice, share stories and reminisce about the past. We’re so blessed to live in such a technologically advanced society so use it to your advantage.

Secondly, remember to pick up the phone even if you are a bit busy. It doesn’t have to take long. Just let them know you’ve been busy and will catch up soon. I still remember going a few months without talking to one of my best friends and feeling a bit down about it; until I received an actual letter about how she misses me but has been busy and will make up for it soon. It definitely made me feel better and strengthened our friendship whilst still mainlining our individuality in our respective universities.

Finally, understand that not all friendships will survive the distance. Going to university, you’ll learn that some friendships only formed because you saw each other every day. The distance will show you who your real friends are. Even if you don’t talk every day, knowing you have a family all over the world who’ll be there for you no matter what is an extremely comforting feeling; so feel free to let go of any toxic or superficial friendships as life moves on.

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