September 9, 2018, by Lucy

Your Guide to University Park Campus

University Park Campus is the central campus of the university. With a radius covering miles of square feet, there is an abundance of facilities to make use of onsite. More than aware of the difficulties of navigating such a vast space, I am here to share some wisdom and tell you the places that are worth getting used to.

Portland Building

Portland is currently undergoing a redevelopment to become the best representation of the SU as possible. With a range of shops, cafes, restaurants and information zones, Portland is the perfect place to chill out during those quieter slots on your timetable. Whether you want to get creative in the Impact Magazine office, buy all the university merch your student loan will allow or just relax in the welcome zone, Portland is the hub of your day-to-day campus experience.

David Ross

When you purchase a gym membership through the university, you have access to numerous gym facilities, classes and coaching. David Ross is the biggest of the gyms, as well as facilitating sports courts, fitness rooms and even climbing walls. With the range of sports on offer, David Ross is your go-to place if you want to try something new or simply get the most out of your membership. In addition to this, sorry to be the Debbie Downer, knowing where David Ross is at the very least may prove useful come exam season.


Due to the size of the university, there is inevitably more than one library. Although confusing at first, once you have figured out which library is your faculty’s home and have decided which one’s layout suits your work needs the best, this novelty will become the norm.


Hallward library in addition to being home to Bertie the Hallward Cat is also home to the arts and humanities subjects. In terms of study suitability, the layout is both a mixture of open and closed plan study. With the ground floor and café area operating a more open form of study with group tables and booths, the upper floors are made up of various study areas as well as individual cubicles. As an English student, Hallward is my prescribed home, but having said that I am known to dabble in my library usage. Nonetheless, Hallward is the one I always come back to as its individual booths suit my study needs the best.

George Green

The other library on University Park Campus is George Green, home to the sciences. Being newer than Hallward, GG has a more modern feel. With its open plan nature and focus on group areas, GG is for those who enjoy a more social form of study, or for those who feel put off my ‘traditional’ study areas. If its airy nature isn’t enough to get you out of bed in the morning, at least its paninis will.

Cripps Health Centre

Albeit the most boring place on campus, in terms of what it is that is, it is definitely the most essential. Indeed, after registering your place at Cripps during Welcome Week, you will be eligible to receive health care from here whenever needed. This means that if you require anything from a GP appointment, a vaccination from a nurse or counselling session, the list goes on, Cripps is there for you. With a reputation of being one of the best medical centres in the area, the fact that this facility is on campus is not something to sniff your nose at. Plus, speaking from experience, I can assure you that the staff working at the health centre are among the best I’ve come across.

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