September 14, 2018, by Lucy

How to Dress Like a Notts Student…

… or at least dress appropriately for the weather, that is.

When you’re sat in a lecture theatre at 9am you will quickly realise that university is not a fashion show. Of course there will always be some people who appear to always be dressed to the nines, but the majority of people are more at home in a variation of some sort of ‘athleisure’ or something. What I’m not going to do is tell you exactly HOW to dress since I myself prioritise a garment’s likelihood to crease over its aesthetic value, but what I am going to tell you is what items should form a crucial part of your wardrobe given the demands and practicalities of living in Notts.

How to Survive the Weather

  • A warm coat: There was not one person in the UK last year who did not feel the impact of the Beast from the Beast. Without being dramatic, it is safe to say that the country practically came to a standstill. Quite frankly, it didn’t know what to do with itself. Learning from the freezing, snowy conditions of the past year, bringing clothes that will help you avoid contracting pneumonia is wise. I advise bringing along a winter coat that has the warmth of a duvet as well as your normal winter accessories: gloves, scarves, hats, boots, etc. Whilst we may only just be coming out of the hottest summer in decades, the extreme heat is only proof of what shockers nature can throw at us. One minute you may be sunbathing, the next you may be huddled around a wood-burning fire. Anyway, bring wintery clothes, you never know what the climate will hurl at us next.
  • A waterproof coat / an umbrella: There’s a consensus among the British public that England is synonymous with rain. Winter: Rain. Spring: Rain. Summer: Rain. Autumn: Rain… There’s no escaping it. Although most of us wouldn’t wince at the feel of a slight downpour, even the most seasoned traveller needs to be prepared for a British rainstorm. So, pack a waterproof coat (a good one, not a showerproof one) for stormy days and always keep an umbrella in your bag just to be safe.


How to Survive Uni Life

  • A good backpack: You can take whatever bag you like to uni, but a backpack is my bag of choice. Despite not being the most ‘on trend’ way to carry around your essentials, I find that it is the easiest. Indeed, on a daily basis my bag contains my laptop, and a bulky one at that. Being such a big item to carry out, not only have I found that backpacks are the only thing to be able to accommodate for its size, but it’s also the most comfortable way to carry it around. As the weight of the bag is spread on both shoulders, it means that even when my timetable is at its busiest, my back or shoulders don’t feel the strain of my bag.
  • Layers for Hallward: This is a PSA for anyone who has never entered Hallward Library before… It is hotter than the Sahara Desert. For anyone wanting to minimise their heating expenditure in their student accommodation, I 10/10 recommend seeking solace in Hallward. The warmth may initially be welcoming, but the line between comfort and sweltering is fine. Thus, even on the coldest winter day, if you know that you will be going anywhere near Hallward, it is worth thinking about the transition from cold to warm climate. The solution? Wear layers. Jumpers are good if you know you’ll be in the cold, but once your trapped in Hallward in a chunky knit, you’re pretty much between a rock and a hard place. Wear something heavy over a lighter layer, meaning that as soon as that Hallward heat hits you, you’re not left drowning in a puddle of your own sweat.


How to Survive all the Extra bits and bobs

  • Comfy shoes: University Park Campus is big. The walk from UP to Jubilee Campus is big. Everything about campus is big. In spite of the excellent transport routes between campuses, there is a lot of walking involved in getting around the campus itself. For instance, last year I had a seminar in Tower Building followed straight after by a lecture in LASS. For those unaware of what this means is that I had to get from one side of the campus to the other in the space of five minutes. Due to the trek involved in navigating the campus, wearing sensible shoes is a must. Whether you opt to wear trainers, boots or any other kind of shoe, comfort is key. There is nothing worse than limping around all day because your high-fashion shoes have covered your feet in blisters.
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