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5 Odd Societies to Join

Hide and Soc

Growing up and entering adulthood does not necessarily mean that you need to leave games in the playground. Hide and Soc meet up on a weekly basis to transport its members back to their childhood days and play a range of different games. Acting as a perfect way to let off steam and relax, the society is a less conventional way to socialise and make light of your university experience.

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Quidditch and Harry Potter Society

If you think the world of Harry Potter is purely limited to the world of Hogwarts, then you are wrong. Indeed, thanks to the Quidditch and Harry Potter society, you can engage in the world of J.K Rowling and partake in activities such as the infamous Sorting Ceremony, Yule Ball and even go on the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tour. For those wanting to try a new and exciting sport, the society also has regular quidditch training sessions, with the team travelling the country far and wide to challenge other university quidditch teams. Even if you don’t like Harry Potter, the energy and individuality associated with this society is something worth delving into!

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Matchmaking Society

For those of you looking for luurvvveee out there, the team behind this brand new society are here to help you out. With there being over 30,000 students attending the university, meeting ‘the one’ is a hard task to say the least. Luckily, Matchmaking Society understand the enormousness of this task so act as the middle men to help romantically compatible people meet. Through their matchmaking forms, monthly introductions and speed dating events, love is in the air all around this society. If you’ve been unlucky in love thus far, put your love life in the hands of these matchmakers and let them do their work… I mean, who knows who might come into your life?!

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1980’s Society

1980’s Society, as the name suggests, is all about embracing and celebrating the 1980s. From music, to fashion to film, members have the opportunity to meet with other people who are just as interested in the decade as they are. So, get your lycra and leg warmers on, listen to some Aha and rejoice in the spirit of the 80s.

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Massage Society

Nottingham’s self-proclaimed ‘most relaxing society’, Massage Society is your way to learning how to become a masseur in the making. Every week the society runs massage training sessions that are run by a professional masseur, allowing members to learn how to give the perfect massage. And, as is the nature of a massage, someone needs to receive one meaning that you also have the opportunity to be massaged. The joy!

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Picture Source: Muggle Quidditch game in Vancouver

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