February 26, 2018, by Chloe

A Trip to The Peak District

Nottingham City Centre has a lot to offer in terms of ways to spend a day. Sometimes, however, you just want to escape somewhere a bit more rural and simply explore. It’s refreshing to wander along a river or visit a little village. As my parents were coming up to visit me this past weekend, I requested that we go on a drive outside of the city and we ended up in Bakewell.


Bakewell is a small market town in the Peak District. It’s famous for Bakewell pudding/tart, a nutty cake that was sold in every shop and cafe in the town. That was bit of a nightmare for someone allergic to nuts like myself, haha! Despite this, I managed to find an amazing salmon and cream cheese scotch egg on one of the market stalls… Definitely made up for my lack of cake! The best thing about shopping in markets rather than chain shops is the human interaction – the lady offered me 2 for 1 as it was the end of the market, which was such a nice surprise!


The town has lots of cute gift shops, being a quaint tourist spot. I had to seriously restrain myself from spending all of my student loan on decorative candles and matching stationary. I couldn’t resist buying a scrabble coaster though – it combined my initials and my room colours! They also had lots of food shops alongside the market, selling fancy cheeses and chutneys that would make great presents for relatives, perhaps for Mother’s Day.


On the bridges connecting the market to the town centre, couples had covered the railings in locks like the bridge in Paris. In the bright sunshine, these caught the light and added an interesting element to the already picturesque river. The beautiful weather helped perfect a lovely family day out.

What local places have you visited recently? I highly recommend visiting Bakewell if you haven’t already!

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