February 25, 2018, by Susan

Dissertation Chronicles: Part 1

  1. You’re actually excited. You’re about to embark on this beautiful academic journey. And not all your friends chose this you know? But I guess not everyone has what it takes. Not everyone’s like you.
  2.  It’s fab to be ahead so you think why not start now? And you do. You’ve been doing a lot of vague reading, seen your suupervisor, maybe you’ve even put together your table of contents. You don’t have a title or anything but at least you’ve got a theme?! You’re feeling really great about this. Feels good to be doing.
  3. You forgot you had a dissertation. Just been living your best life really.
  4. It’s January and you don’t have a title. Or a plan. But your supervisor thinks you have a plan. Best to get writing. You write lots of words in the hope that some of it makes sense. As long as you keep writing …


Who told you this was a good idea? Why are you doing this sis? Where does one download SPPS? How does one use SPSS? And what is a methodology? Why has noone told you yet?



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