February 27, 2018, by Anjni

What NOT to Pack for Short Trips Away

So reading week is upon us – at least on this side of the globe anyway – and living up to that exchanger stereotype, I hope to be off travelling (gotta get those stamps in my passport!). Of course, when it comes to flying, especially with budget-friendly airlines, hand luggage allowances ande guidelines can be extremely restrictive (hence the list!). I appreciate however, that each of you at Notts may still be in lectures (or not, if yours is one of the few courses affected by the strikes), but this information may still prove useful; whether you’ve already begun planning your Easter travels, or even just tips for a long weekend away. Either way, here’s a short compilation of what NOT to pack in your carry-on:


Giant Tubs of Sunscreen (or any liquid really)

As you probably already know, any liquids held in a carry-on mustn’t exceed the 100ml mark. As tempting as it is to take a giant bottle of SPF if you’re off somewhere warm and sunny, it’ll just get confiscated, regardless as to whether your destination has a growing hole in the ozone or not. And whilst some small airlines aren’t too picky if you’re slightly over, others can be so it’s better to stick within the limit. But definitely, definitely take some at least. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling with someone who has checked-in baggage then great! You can pack a massive two litre bottle (not quite sure this is necessary for a short trip away though…)


More than Three Pairs of Shoes

It’s. Not. Necessary.

Especially if your trip is super-short. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my shoes – I absolutely adoreee them – but when you’ve only got 7kg to go by, there’s just no space for tonnes of pairs; it’s either shoes or fresh clothes, and whilst I’m as torn as any girl on this one, it’s gotta be done. *cries eternally* It makes trying to accessorise with shoes tough and a half! But you just gotta find another way to tie that outfit together and slay. And you can; it’s definitely possible to survive on three pairs if your trip is short enough (and if you aren’t as emotionally attached to your footwear as I am). And as much as it breaks my heart, I like to think of it as more space for souvenirs which you can bring back. When we’re travelling, we usually forget that whilst we may be just under the weight limit on the way there, , on the way back we accumulate touristy gifts and knick-knacks which may just serve to push us over that limit and cause us a hefty sum during boarding.


A Sewing Kit (unless it’s travel sized!)

Whilst large sewing kits are useful to patch up clothing that may have become snagged and save your garments from those pesky undone threads which threaten its demise (as well as being a wonderful time-pass!), taking one of these in your carry-on may not be the smartest idea, unless yours is travel-friendly of course. If not I wouldn’t recommend you take your full kit, particularly if your kit contains large scissors – these will, more often than not, be confiscated as you pass through security unless the blades are less than four inches in length. Rules, however, change and ultimately whether something is allowed through or not depends on your particular airline. If you wish to play it safe, swap out the scissors for a pair of nail clippers instead – these work just as well for removing any loose threads from hems or necklines.


The WRONG Travel Adapter

Don’t – please don’t – be that friend that says “You won’t need your adapter. I’ve gotchu covered bro,” and then shows up empty handed, or worse – with the WRONG adapter. Do your research and make sure you pack the right one. In fact, make sure everyone packs one each. Not only will it mean you’re not fighting over who gets priority because “my percentage is lower than yours bro”, but it’ll save you having to run around like headless chicken when you actually reach your destination, you know, when the world begins descending into darkness what with everyone’s phones on the verge of dying.


Textbooks and Folders

Work doesn’t wait for anybody and it doesn’t care if you’re on holiday or not.And whilst it’s important to get through your workload and revise for exams, it isn’t necessary to take every textbook or folder of notes with you, especially if you know you won’t be able to get through them all. Not to mention textbooks are MONSTROUSLY heavy. I advise downloading the ebook, or any relevant pages, on a tablet instead. Whilst not ideal, especially if like me you prefer having the physical, hard-copy to study from, it’ll serve to save you so much space.

As for the folders and your compilation of notes, try to be picky with which ones you take with you. Only take material that you think you’ll be able to get through, i.e.: be realistic, don’t take six modules worth of work if you can’t cover it! Notes take us space too, and if you have too many, chances are most of the material will be left untouched during your grand escapade.


But that’s it! Pack wisely… and I hope you enjoy your future trips!


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