December 6, 2017, by Lucy

What to Take Home Over Christmas

Come September, there are plenty of resources out there telling you what to pack for university. *Ahem, I may have even wrote a little cheeky something myself*. However, what no one tells you is how hard it is to pack to go home again during the holidays. Despite only being home for a maximum of a month, you find yourself packing up your whole life and a bit extra, just in case in the extremely likely (like very very realistic) scenario that you end up going to the Maldives spontaneously and therefore NEED to pack your bikinis and flip flops in mid December. Maybe I’m just bad at packing (highly likely), or maybe this is a student phenomena, who knows? All I know is that writing some tips will at least make me feel like I’m not alone with my hoarding tendencies anyway.


Remember the seasons

Don’t bring the shorts home, don’t bring the shorts home, don’t bring the shorts home. When it’s single figures outside, keeping warm is a priority… getting a tan isn’t. At least fir me, you can speak for yourselves. With this in mind, pack according to what you will genuinely wear, not what you would wear in an alternate universe. Besides, the less clothes you pack, the less you will have to unpack when you get home. Logic, it’s amazing.


Books, books, books

No matter where you live, unless it is literally in a library (???), you probably don’t live in a library. Without a library, it means you have less access to books. Be smart and take books home that will help you do your assignments or revise to save yourself the panic of realising that you have no clue what to do.



Important documents

Passport, driving license, bank card etc. Anything worth protecting is best at home with you. In the rare scenario that you are burgled, your most prize possessions will be out of the way. Plus, these things are essentials. I mean, how do you live without a bank card??




If it’s fresh and going to go off, bin it or take it with you. Don’t be the person who leaves peppers in the fridge for a month… just don’t. Your kitchen is not a science laboratory.


Oh, and if you’ve bought Christmas presents, they maybe, just maybe, will be a good thing to pack.


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