December 7, 2017, by Jack

5 Best Places To Use Your Meal Card

Let’s just say the quality of food in halls… varies. And by the end of the year, even the ever reliable theme nights will start to turn your stomach, so it’s vital for your survival that you make full use of your glorious £27 meal card. However, it can often take a full year to build up a thorough knowledge of the best places to use it.

*Flashing lights and smoke*

Hi! I’m here to share some 2nd year wisdom.

1. 56@Portland

Located on the ground floor of the Portland Building, this is without a doubt the best eatery on campus. The burgers are amazing. Just go there. Every week. For the whole year. They have some deals that meet the daily £5.40 quota, but you have to spend more to get all the bells and whistles (fries), so I used to just get a £3 meal deal one day to make up for it.

2. Mooch

Again, at the Portland Building. Famed for its burgers, there’s actually plenty of variety (lasagne and fish & chips are both really good). It’s a bit more expensive, but again you can save up in the week. The burgers aren’t as good as at 56@Portland, but the atmosphere is nicer and it’s open later, so it’s a close second.

3. Hugh Stu

I only first went here in spring term of first year, and I wish I’d found it sooner. Chicken, all the chicken. My personal favourite was the popcorn chicken with wedges. So cheap and so good! It’s a bit far from some parts of campus (mainly the west entrance) but the food is worth it and it’s cheap as well.

4. Man’s Gourmet

Chinese food. If you really love Chinese this might be first on your personal list, but this is my list and I like burgers, okay? It won’t be the best Chinese you’ve ever had, but it’s pretty good all the same. Cons are the price. They have a couple of £5.40 deals but the rest is really expensive. Also, it’s always busy. Portland food court.

5. Love Joes

This one’s a little more personal to me, but in my opinion you really can’t go wrong with a southern fried chicken wrap, BBQ sauce, and curly fries for £5.40. Portland food court.

Honourable mentions: The Atrium: all the standard UoN food including the above discussed wraps, but on Jubilee. Willoughby evening menu: their lunch time paninis/pasta are nothing to be frowned at, but nachos after 4:30 was a regular dinner replacement. The SU shop: £3 (and a bit) meal deals, standard stuff. Starbucks: honestly, if it wasn’t so obvious it’d be top of the list. There are 3 small ones on UP (Hallward, George Green, Portland) and a big one on Jubilee.

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