November 30, 2017, by Shweta

How To Stay Healthy Over Christmas

Christmas is synonymous with many things. Hot chocolate, ugly Christmas sweaters and Michael Buble to name a few. However, one thing that definitely does not scream Christmas is the word ‘healthy’.

Whether you’re heading home to your families over the festive period or you’re going on a trip with some friends, December is a time of temptations that can victimise even the most avid gym-goer. After all, we could all do with some TLC after this past semester and what better way to enjoy than indulge in some mince pies and glasses of Prosseco?

But enjoying your time away from university doesn’t have to negatively impact your health, body, or self-confidence. With that said, here are my tips for staying healthy over the Christmas period.


  1. Snack before heading out. If you snack on a few almonds, berries or other healthy bits before a party, you’ll be less likely to make third (or fourth) visits to the buffet; however tasty it is.
  2. Don’t stress. While it’s the season to be jolly, that’s often quite far from what we feel amongst the endless cooking, cleaning, and forceful small talk that comes with the season. Remember to have a sense of humour and take it easy, even when your relatives make unnecessary comments about your partner/hair/future.
  3. Think before you eat. With all the food that is placed in front of you, it can be easy to pop whatever you see into your mouth. Before you do that, take a moment to think about what you’re eating and whether you’re hungry or just bored.
  4. Get moving. One of the best parts about going home for the holidays is the opportunity to laze around with no consequences. As it difficult it is to hear, try and get moving as much as possible. Go for a 15-minute jog or run around with your family dog. Even doing some basic exercise indoors (where the heaters are) is helpful. And no, running after your little cousins doesn’t count.


While there are so many more ways you can keep healthy this holiday period, I’m going to stop with these 4. Just remember to be patient with yourself and use your holidays to get some rest and relaxation before the exam season.


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