August 4, 2017, by Amy

So… I’m A Graduate Now.

I did it! My world awaits!

So… I’m a graduate now… The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. My graduation ceremony went by so quickly I felt like I blinked and it was over. Then before I knew it, I signed into my bank account and where the word ‘student’ used to be, was now the word ‘graduate’ and surprisingly it was only at that moment that the reality set in.

On here I am going to talk about my experience as a graduate, what it’s like for me, the steps I take in entering the world of employment and giving my two cents along the way (and possibly a few tips!). Join me as I navigate adult life and try not to become a disappointment to my parents!


1.First of all I had a much needed chillout. Sometimes it’s difficult to get caught up in the next steps, but I took a much needed break. Between sorting everything for my graduation ceremony and then moving into my new flat, I needed a few days to just really enjoy the moment before thinking about what to do next.


2.The second step I took was book a careers appointment with the careers team on campus. I could not fault their advice. I went in after recently being declined for an internship and was feeling somewhat downhearted about my career prospects. The woman there made me realise how much experience I have and how prepared I was, which gave me a lot of confidence, but also gave me excellent tips on how to further enhance my CV and be more successful in the future. More info on the careers service here, regardless of whether you are a current student or alumni, they are always there to offer free and helpful advice.


3.One of those tips was to complete the Digital Garage Course, which is a free, online course designed to improve your digital skills (as for me, I was lacking in experience with analytics and code, and require these skills to enter the digital marketing world). The website actually makes completing the course fun in the sense that you unlock ‘badges’, which makes me feel like an adventurous boy-scout. Once completed, I can place it on my CV, demonstrating to employers that I have the skills necessary for the job.



And that brings us to now. Right now, I have fully decorated my new flat and made it look like home. I have set up all my standing orders to pay the bills and have a spreadsheet to keep track of my budget and I am currently job hunting for any internships or full time work opportunities. I have found that the trick is to just really throw yourself out there, have confidence in your abilities and make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way. I can’t wait to update you all on my progress and hope that you gain something useful from my personal experiences. Until the next time!

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