July 31, 2017, by Danny Bav

House hunting in London

Okay, so I’ve just had my graduation ceremony and it was such a great round off to the end of university. I was so excited to take pictures with my friends before we all parted our separate ways and I’m still sifting through them to decide which ones I want to print. Nottingham’s graduation ceremony is incredibly streamlined which made it a delight, not too long and not too short either! However, there’s been another thing on my radar since graduating and that has been the task of finding a place to live in London.

If you’re planning/have a graduate job in London and you don’t live near there already, you’ll inevitably end up searching for a place to live there, so I’m going to offer three things I’ve learnt through the whole house hunting process:

1.) Work out your budget and area(s) you want to live in. Narrowing it down helps so much when looking for places. If you’re not familiar with London I’d recommend going down and walking around areas to get a feel of them.

2.) Websites. Openrent is a great website to deal with landlords personally, so you don’t have to deal with admin fees. Zoopla and Rightmove can help you find properties too, but always follow through to the estate agents to see if they’re decent and their fees aren’t too high. Don’t forget to check the London Reddit page for advice too.

3.) If you’re having trouble, don’t be afraid to phone up a few reliable estate agents and give them your requirements. They’re there to help find a place right for you, and lets face it they make money if you sign a place with them, so they’ll try their hardest to email you with properties that meet your criteria.

These are just little things I’ve picked up on my flat-hunting journey and wanted to share them because I know how stressful it has been finding a place. Happy flat hunting to all you future Londoners out there!

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