August 7, 2017, by Chloe

Preparing for university: First Year vs Second Year

As results day approaches for some of my younger friends who are preparing to go to university for the first time, I started thinking about how my own preparation for going into second year is differing from last year.


First Year: I was busy scanning the reading list, trying to decide whether I should buy books in advance, which ones and how many. Worrying about module choices.

Second Year: Choosing to read the non-academic books I haven’t had time to read in term time. Feeling content in my module choices, knowing how to change them if necessary. Nervous about grades counting this year, but looking forward to the new challenges.


First Year: Joining all of the accommodation Facebook pages to find out who I would be living with (unsuccessful – none of my flatmates posted on there!). Deliberating on whether or not I should have picked an en-suite room.

Second Year: Looking forward to seeing my friends who will be my future housemates. Wondering whether I’ll regret choosing a cheaper rent with a longer commute on the wintry mornings.


First Year: Buying brand new bedding, cutlery, you name it, I bought it new. Packing it all up weeks in advance (but only after results day so as not to jinx it!)

Second Year: Scavenging old spare plates etc off of family and creating excel documents with housemates to save us all money by not buying duplicates. Avoiding packing to the last minute.

Transitioning into second year definitely feels more relaxed than first year – I know what to expect but I’m still excited for the adventures ahead! How are you getting prepared for the new term?


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