July 6, 2017, by Chloe

Choosing a Summer Job

Most students will find themselves looking for work over the summer vacation period, if they don’t already have a job. The benefits of working during this free time are obvious – money, experience, something to take away the boredom. After all, there’s only so many days of Netflix anybody can realistically handle. But how do you go about choosing where to spend your working hours? Here are the things you should consider when on the job hunt…


I’ll start off with the thing all students will be concerned with the most. Once student loans and savings start to run low, money is the factor that prompts a lot of us to start taking the job hunt more seriously. Now, all paid jobs should offer you at least the minimum wage/living age for your age bracket, but some jobs will be better paid than others. But more money doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better choice. For example, I work in a restaurant which pays the minimum wage, but tips massively increase the amount I actually take home. Other jobs might offer other benefits, like discounts or accommodation, so it’s worth looking at the whole package offered.

Working Environment

At the end of the day, work is work, and therefore there will always be boring aspects to deal with. Yet I think that considering the enjoyment aspect is important. It’s easy to put up with monotonous work for a short period of time if need be, but a fun job role or a close knit team can make your summer great!

Getting the job

I live in a seaside town, so finding work during the summer period is relatively easy. I’m also lucky that my position is available for me to fall back into during vacation periods. When searching for a summer job it is important to consider whether the role will require lots of interviews and training. Consider if it will be worth it – will you be able to return to the job next vacation, or possibly once you graduate?


Are you looking for a job that offers you transferable skills, perhaps in customer service or management? Or are you looking for an internship or placement directly relevant to your course and career goals? Both are worthwhile uses of your time but it’s worth considering which is more important to you right now.


Good luck!

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