July 2, 2017, by Danny Bav

O’ Canada!

Small town Fernie

On the 15th June I set foot off the airplane and into Calgary, Canada. I’ve never been to this side of the world before and I had some strange expectations when I could only see fields and no cityscape in view from my plane window during landing. However, as we got closer and closer to the airport the city came into view… phew (I sighed of relief as I’m a real city-goer).

We were greeted by my girlfriend’s parents and whisked away to the main city. The sheer amount of greenery in Calgary’s city makes it a completely unique city to visit and I recommend if anybody is around this side of the world, it’s definitely an interesting visit.

Despite all the things we’ve done here, the thing that blew me away the most was the Canadian woodlands and mountains just a few hours outside of Calgary. The highlight for me was venturing to the small town of Fernie and hiking into the woods up to a small waterfall where the water was so clear we could just drink straight from the stream. The time away from the main city had a great holiday feel and gave me time to recharge after a busy university year.

It’s been a great experience being in the Canadian mountains and woodlands and its taught me the importance of just having some time for yourself! So whatever you guys are doing this summer, make sure you take some time out to relax, rest and recharge.

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